Our Distinctives

What Distinguishes NorthPark as a Church?

At NorthPark, we know who we are and where we're going.  We are a Bible Believing, Christ Centered, Relationship Focused church.  We believe that in the Bible, God has revealed Himself to us.  As a result, our distinctives flow from an understanding of who He is.  Many Christian churches share a similar "Statement of Faith" (find ours here) that represents their Theology.  However, the following is a sampling of our unique emphasis that represent our distinctive Praxology (how we work out our faith in the real world):

*   Strong, Intelligent & Practical Bible Teaching

We don't believe people come to church to hear someone's opinion about God or their thoughts about what's important to Him.  We think people come to church to find and hear from God Himself.  We carefully teach from the Bible in an expository fashion--not reading into the text but gleaning from the text it's original meaning.

*   Vibrant, Current Worship Centered Around Who God Is

Scripture admonishes us that "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the spirit and in truth."  John 4:24  At NorthPark, our first intention with regard to worship is to worship God for who He really is, as He has revealed Himself--not as we conjure up images of Him in our own minds.  The God we encounter in scripture is BIG, and His transcendent nature inspires us to worship.  Our worship leader, Stephen Petree, is himself awed by our BIG God, and he uses his considerable musical gifts to lead us in upbeat, but awe-filled praise.  Our Worship is also facilitated by Elizabeth Von Busch who is a beautiful and reverent soul.  Our Worship Team is a large & diverse group of artists who bring their considerable gifts to honor God and inspire us.  We employ many creative and artistic elements in our worship in order to facilitate our people encountering God and in so doing, being transformed by the experience!

*   Integration--Come Together!

At NorthPark, we're all about bringing things together--or what we call, integration.  We like to talk about bringing God & people together, as well as the biblical concepts of Grace & Truth.  We think people are more likely to live fulfilling, purposeful, love-filled lives when they are integrated--when their heads & their hearts are brought together, when love and forgiveness meet.  We think that it's important to bring history together with the present, and words together with deeds.  We think a healthy community brings young & old and men & women together in one community.  When these and other essential things come together, people's lives are transformed and they begin to make a difference in the lives of others.  That's why we say:  "Come Together.  Be Transformed.  Make a Difference!" 

*   Our "Pillars of Truth"  (Three Essentials)

We believe that a loving community, that accurately reflects both God's grace & truth, focuses on what's really important.  We agree with Pastor & Theologian John R.W. Stott who said  "Unity on the Essentials, Freedom in the Non-Essentials and Love in All Things."  We focus on three essentials that we would die for:

God the Father Revealed Himself in the Bible. 
God the Son Redeemed us on the Cross.
God the Spirit Regenerates us for Eternal Life.

These three pillars are both complex in the depth of their meaning and simple in their exquisite fundamental nature. They are our three "Pillars of Truth" because upon these irreducible truths hang all others.  These are the truths we give our lives to.  In a world in which division reigns, we seek to be unified around these essential truths.

*   Our "Streams of Grace"  (Six Traditions)

*   Missions Emphasis:  "Make a Difference!"

Our commitment to the Great Commission is an integrated emphasis at NorthPark.  Pastor Bob Hudson gives leadership to these efforts which include regular opportunities to serve in our community, region & world!  Find out more about NorthPark Missions here.

*   First Sundays

"First Sundays” at NorthPark are special--they help us reaffirm that we put God First in our lives & church!  On First Sundays, we emphasize “First Things:”  We meet on the “first day,” God is to be our “first love,” & we are to give to Him our “first fruits.”  On First Sundays, we celebrate Communion.  We also regularly have Sunday Evening all-Church Socials, like a 50's Party or a Beach Bash.

*   Aligned Midweek Opportunities

Our Wednesday "NiteLife" is a Midweek opportunity for the the whole family to come to church on one evening and each member find a growth opportunity specifically tailored for their needs.  NorthPark is not about trying to get people to church every night of the week.  We're about equipping you to go out and LIVE!  We think a lot of families find themselves heading in separate directions most nights of the week.  So, we provide a one night, three times a month opportunity for the family to focus on growing TOGETHER so that the rest of the week, they LIVE!

*   Education: Raising Up Next Generation (Trinity Classical Academy & Noah's Park Preschool)

We believe in investing in the next generation and making sure they are educated in such a way that they will be the leaders and influencers of the future.  That's why for over 10 years now, NorthPark has hosted, nurtured and partnered with Trinity Classical Academy.  Trinity currently provides the only Classical education in the area and has grown as a K-12 institution with over 400 students.  Trinity's Founder &  Head of School, Liz Caddow, is a Deacon and long time member of NorthPark.  Visit Trinity's website here.  In addition, NorthPark opened the doors of it's Noah's Park Preschool in Fall 2011.  Noah's Park is a fully licensed preschool directed by NorthPark member Mindy Worsley.  Find out  more about Noah's Park Preschool here.

*   Sports

At NorthPark, it's our desire to have a unique impact on our community through providing venues for people to come and participate in sports on our campus.  The Santa Clarita Valley is extremely sports-oriented.  Families in our community regularly schedule everything around youth sports and the vast majority of families in our city participate in sports like no other single activity--even church!  Since we desire to reach these folks with the great news that God loves them and wants them to have the opportunity to know and love Him, we have made it part of our long term plan to build facilities to host sporting events.  We are unique in this endeavor and we hope to influence thousands in our city through this thoughtful focus.  We are currently the only church in town that has a fully AstroTurfed softball field on our campus.  Building II will feature three, full-sized basketball courts.  We also currently host football practices on our upper fields.

*   Fun!
We loooooooooooovvvvvvveeee to have fun and "Njoying" the Lord and each other is a priority!