Meeting Days and Times

Sunday Mornings - 9-10am in the Omega Room

Wednesday Nights - 6-8pm in the Colonnade

METRO 68 is a fun, lively, energetic, and down-to-earth Jr. High student ministry here at NorthPark Community Church, designed with one goal in mind: KEEPING STUDENTS “ON TRACK”.

On track with what? On track with God, with Jesus, and with The Holy Spirit. We want to keep them on track with their faith, by teaching them to rely solely on a strong relationship with Jesus Christ—with obeying and following Him as their top priority. 

We want to keep our Jr. High students on track by leading them in passionately pursuing God’s PURPOSE for lives—with the Bible always being the ultimate authority in their life. We want to develop true players for Team Jesus that will strive to give God everything they have each day!

These youngsters, in the coming years, will eventually have to make many tough decision in life. We want to keep them on track with Jesus, and make sure that He is NEVER left out of the process!