Fish & Loaves is a simple opportunity to practically meet the needs of others in difficult, or new, circumstances with some home cooked or restaurant meals.

Often, life-changing events like the birth of a baby, an illness, or an unexpected circumstance can render people scrambling just to make it through the day. With our Fish & Loaves Ministry, we want to bless those in need with a few meals when they need it most.

Using the simple technology of “Meal Train”, participants are notified when a need arises and you can choose the date on which you would like to deliver a meal.

This ministry is simple and yet an incredibly effective blessing for those who need some practical encouragement in their circumstances.
If you are aware of someone who is in a life-altering circumstance, you can contact Lori Gonzales for more information on how to arrange for meals to be delivered.

If you would like to participate in providing meals, contact Lori Gonzales at