High School Student Ministries

Sunday Mornings:        Time: 9:00am—10:00am        Location: Student Center

Wednesday Nights*:     Time: 6:00pm—8:00pm          Location: Student Center

*Summer Hours (June-August)    7:00pm-8:30pm                        Location: West Creek Park

The Hub is a place for high school students: That exists to bring all high school students from various schools (public, private, charter, home) and various backgrounds together in order to launch them out into the world.

We believe that there are certain things that need to happen in order for this to effectively happen.

First, we believe that there are certain things that need to come together for high school students so they can experience true wholeness. We call these integrators: Grace & Truth, Head & Heart, Maturity & Multiplication, Faith & Reason, God & People, and much more… Once these things come together, true growth and development happen, ushering in wholeness for the student. The Hub is that place for these integrators to come together.

Moreover, as these integrators bring high school students together in wholeness, they begin to experience inside-out transformation. God produces this transformation in the student by using a nutrient-rich environment built on His Word to do so. At The Hub, we take God’s Word seriously and find practical ways to apply its truth to our everyday lives.

Finally, The Hub helps students launch out into their world so they can give their lives away to something bigger than themselves. We do this by giving them the right tools to effectively communicate their faith, understand the world they live, and challenge them to discern God’s will and call upon their lives, as they navigate next steps—college, career, vocation, ministry, family.