Date: May 13th-14th

Cost: $10

Time: 8pm-12pm

Good news! We extended our hours for our Spring Retreat and cut down cost to make it more affordable. That’s more hours of fun for cheaper the price! Woo Hoo! New time: 8pm-12pm. New cost, $10.

Students, it’s time to put down the pen and books and retreat to wild fun! NorthPark Student Ministries is proud to host its first Spring Retreat at our NorthPark Campus. Escape from the madness of homework, exams, late-night cram sessions and experience the thrill of an all-nighter of sheer fun. There will be music, dance, movies, games, competitions, and lots of food. Invite your friends. Let’s see how wild and crazy we can get! Contact Dan Eynon at for more information.